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Shipping Rates

Book Shipping Rates (1-49 Books to same address)

  Standard Shipping
Standard Shipping (Up to 200 Pages) $11.99 First Book
$3.00 Each Addtl. Book
Standard Shipping (Over 200 Pages)
$14.39 First Book
$3.60 Each Addtl. Book


11-24 Books - 10% Discount on Shipping
25-49 Books - 20% Discount on Shipping


Book Shipping Rates (50+ Books)

The shipping rates are based on the weight of the books, the order destination and the shipping option chosen. The weight of the book is based on the number of pages, the type of paper and whether hard cover or soft cover. Since there are many factors which impact the final shipping price, we will calculate the final shipping charge after packing and weighing the book boxes for the final shipment. This helps us keep our prices competitive.