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Portfolio Book

UBuildABook offers a great solution for artists, photographers, architects, craftsmen, models and other professionals to solve the problem of bulky portfolios. Rather than having to tote around an enormous portfolio of your work, UBuildABook offers a Portfolio Book which showcases your artistic work. Our portfolio books are very high quality and professional-they represent your work in a very presentable way and are great to leave with customers. Not only are our books more portable when compared to bulky portfolios, but you can use them as a catalog sales tool by leaving them with customers ... watch as your sales increase!

There are so many options when creating your Custom Portfolio Book - you can create a coffee-table book or a portrait-style book. Your portfolio book can be any size up to 12x12 and you can choose either a hard or soft cover. Best of all, our print quality is extremely high so you won't have to worry about your artwork or photography being misrepresented in either color or resolution. As long as your photographs are 300 DPI, your book will be of the highest quality and resolution.

Portfolio books are a great sales tool for the artist, photographer, architect or any other type of craftsman. They showcase a myriad of photographs and are a very successful sales tool when left with customers/employers. Your portfolio book is a much more portable choice when compared with bulky portfolios and loose photographs/slides. Contact us today and we can begin creating your portfolio book in whatever design you desire.

Our portfolio books are also a great sales tool for the artist, photographer or model. Rather than having loose photographs, make your life as well as your agent's life easier with a beautifully bound book. You can leave your portfolio books with prospective customers and employers so they can see the range of your capabilities.


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