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Are you an aspiring comic writer or artist?

Many people of all ages have wanted to make their own comic strip or graphic novel at some point, but 99% of them have absolutely no idea how to start.  They only know that they have a great idea for a comic and they have a burning desire to get it published.

With UBuildABook, we make it easy to self publish your graphic novel or comic book, from 1 to 5000 books. We have free software to help layout and prepare your book for printing or you can use your own software, such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and the like. To use our software, you just need to drag and drop your images and/or illustrations onto a page, add the words, arrange the pages and then add the book cover.

We can print both soft cover and hard cover comic books and ship them directly to you or ship some to Amazon or other distributor to help you sell them.

Get started today with publishing your graphic novel by getting a Free Pricing Quote for your Graphic Novel Printing!

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