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Print Manuals

UBuildABook offers a great solution for the business that has to print manuals. A custom Printed Manual is a great way to organize company information and is wonderful to present to would-be investors or partners. Rather than having charts, slides, folders, etc., a printed manual offers a much more concise and presentable way of organizing and presenting this information.

A printed Manual can include any company information deemed important. Here are some ideas that our customers have included in their Manuals: charts (which can be printed in full color or in black and white), photographs, sales figures and sheets, company stories and histories, employee biographies, news articles, press releases and testimonials.

We can print your Manual book in any layout and you can create your book in any shape or size. Your book can have a hard or soft cover and it can be as many pages as necessary and can even lay flat! We have no minimums, which means that you can print ten books or thousands. We never charge a minimum for reorders so you can feel free to order more presentation books, should you need them.

A Printed Business Manual is a great idea for business people because books have a higher perceived value than any other marketing materials. Your customers will be able to refer back to your book should they have any questions regarding your company or services.

If you have a new business and you want to increase your market presence, a professionally bound business presentations book is a great way to introduce your company to investors or potential partners. Be sure to print enough presentation books for every person who is attending your presentation.