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Historical Book

If you have researched your origins, chances are you have many photographs and lots of notes. Our books are a great way to organize all of this information. Give us your family photos, profiles of your relatives, family trees and the history of your origins and we will create your Family History Book that you will want to hand down generation after generation.

UBuildABook is also a great way to preserve your family memories. Old photos tend to yellow and get more and more brittle as time goes on, so why not protect your family memories in a book which can be passed down?

There are so many options with your genealogy book: you can create and design the layout in any program and we can create your book in any size. Your book can either have a hard or soft cover and you can order as few as one book or thousands! Your genealogy book makes an excellent gift to give to your family and it is something they will cherish always.

There is so much to include in your Historical Book: of course you will want to include old photos of your family, but you should also include old letters and documents because they narrate the story of your family just like photographs do. And be sure not to forget your family tree.

One of the best parts of creating your own genealogy book is that it will act as a backup of all your priceless information. Protect your valuable memories by recreating them in the form of a high quality bound genealogy book.

If you are just starting your Family Historical Book, we have included some guidelines which you might find useful. This list offers a good place to start with researching your genealogy book information:

    • Find out when each member of your family was born and where they were born.
    • Find out where they grew up.
    • Find out when they were married and to whom.
    • Find out what their parents' names were.
    • Find out when their parents were married and where they were married.
    • Figure out when their parents died and where they are buried.
    • Find out who their Aunts and Uncles were.
    • Find out when their Aunts and Uncles were born, married, where they lived and where they are buried
    • Find out who their oldest living relatives are.

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