ICC Profiles

ICC Profiles are the language of color. Because devices such as monitors, cameras, and printers display color differently, they use ICC Profiles to communicate how to display color accurately and consistently. We have provided a standard ICC color profile for our printers.

Installing our ICC Profiles

1. Click Here to Download our Color ICC profile to your Computer. Click Here to Download our Black and White ICC profile to your Computer. Mac users may need to hold the 'Option pdf' key while clicking on the link to force the file to download rather than open.

2. Move the downloaded file to the appropriate directory as listed below.

Mac OS user\library\colorsync\profiles


3. Restart Adobe® Photoshop® or if Photoshop is running you can also click on View > Proof Setup > Custom and then click on 'cancel' to refresh Photoshop's internal lists of profiles.

IMPORTANT NOTE for use with all profiles: Color Management MUST be turned OFF in the printer driver.

4a. Install the Downloaded ICC Profile from your program which will use our ICC Profile (e.g. PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc.).

4b. Depending on the program used, select the Correct Color Space. Here is a Photoshop Example:


ICC Convert to Profile