Cover Personalization

In order to personalize your cover you will first need to contact Customer Service to make sure your order qualifies for personalization.

Next you will need to download our personalization template below:

Personalization Template Download Personalization Template

Once you have downloaded the personalization template open it up in Excel or Google Sheets.

When opened you will see 2 tabs, 1 for Hard Cover books, and 1 for Soft Cover books. Make sure the names are added to the correct sheet, if you are only doing 1 type of cover (Hard or Soft) then you can delete the sheet you aren't using.

Name List



On each sheet there are 4 main columns(Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Images) and instructions to the right of these columns.

Please read through the instructions and fill out the required fields. (Font Size, Font Type, Font Color, Location, etc.)

For the color field you will need to enter the RGB color or the HEX Code.

RGB ColorHEX Color

You can have up to 3 lines of text and 1 image(optional).

Each part of the personalization you want on a new line goes into the next column.

If you would like to include a photo personalization you will need to put all the images in a zip file and the files must have the following:

  • Each image file should have a unique name so there are no conflicts and follow a numbering system(0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, etc.)
  • Each image file must be the same size and resolution(300 DPI).

You will put the name of the file in the Image column in the row with the matching name.

Example Name

If you look in the instructions section you can see an example that shows each line of text.

Personalization Example

When you've finished filling out the template save it and then click on the green Send It button at the bottom of the instructions(under the example shown above).