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Soft Cover Layout

Cover Dimensions and Spine Size Calculator can be found HERE.

Things to keep in mind when building your soft cover:

    • The Final Trim size is .125' (1/8) smaller on the width and .25" (1/4) smaller on the height than the selected page size to make the cover flush with the content.
    • The bleed is .25" (1/4) around the outer edges.
    • The recommended margin is .5" (1/2)
    • Text on the spine is available if the spine is 5/16" and larger.

 Basic Layout for Soft Cover:


The Finished Soft Cover

It's very easy to get "lost" in all this design jargon about bleeds and safe zones so let's take a minute to visualize what your file will look like when it's a finished cover.

Cover file with bleeds, safe zones, and your spine

The finished book. Notice all the bleed has been cut off